Limited Liability Company «Askhor» - the single trade and logistics company with offices in Ukraine and Iran, what provides a wide range of services in relations of commercial and state companies and organisation of the Ukraine and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

«Askhor» - universal, diversified group of companies, which emerged thanks to successful activity in the Middle East market. For example, under legal solutions for own business problems related to sanctions against Iran.

Functions of the company include marketing research covering the regional markets, the mutual supply of consumer goods and products for industrial purposes between Eastern Europe and the Middle East, the implementation of transportation, freight forwarding and cargo insurance, organization of sale of goods, financial offsets with Iranian companies, providing its customers a broad range of additional services.


Dairy products


All Ukrainian manufacturers of Dairy products SAYA™ is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 22000, Halal, National Ukrainian and Iranian standards.


Askhor group companies is a leading suppliers of Ukrainian Dairy products of trademark SAYA™ in the Middle East.

Main supplied Dairy products are Butter, Skimmed milk powder and Whey powder. Butter sweet creamy Extra Grade SAYA™ 82,5 % Fatness is supplied monolith in cardboard box 20 kg. Skimmed milk powder Extra Grade SAYA™ 1,5 % Fatness and Whey milk powder SAYA™ is supplied in 25 kg Kraft-bags with inner polyethylene bag, sizing with a double seam.


Askhor group companies performs deliveries of Ukrainian forage corn, wheat, barley, oats and other grain in the Middle East. The company's mission is to provide a wide range of professional services in the implementation of high-quality products of the Ukrainian agricultural producers in the Middle East market.


Most popular the feed is a forage yellow corn, which of all grain cereal has the highest digestibility and nutritional energy.

Specification of forage yellow corn

The forage wheat are used in animal nutrition and has high energy value and digestibility, conceding only to corn.

Specification of forage wheat

The barley is good food for horses and dairy cattle. In dairy cows as the barley is improving the quality of milk and butter.

Specification of barley

Chemical composition of oats have a high content of fat and cellulose. Oats are used mainly for feeding horses and camels.

Specification of oats


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